Creative Movement Performance (Pre-school)

Unlike most studios, we offer a separate Creative Movement Performance for our pre-school students! This performance is free to attend, and you can invite as many people as you like. The performance is 15-30 minutes long and is held at St. Stephen’s Church. There is a Cookie Reception in the church lobby following the performance.

Spring Performance (Pre-dance-Level 4 students)

Our annual Spring Performance is typically held the first weekend in June. It is possible we may soon switch weekends. The date will be finalized in October. During the week of recital, there will be additional stage rehearsals and dress rehearsals for all students. Specific times will be given out in January.

Our Spring Performance is optional, however, very few student do not participate. For those that do not participate, we ask that you only attend class from September-March. The majority of class time in April and May is devoted to the recital dance.