Kids Dance Classes



Pre-School Dance

Creative Movement

Creative Movement focuses on developing gross motors skills, such as hopping, skipping, and galloping as well as beginning ballet movement. We help improve these skills through creative and imaginative dance exercises, songs, and games. Children will also explore different elements of dance such as dancing high/low, big/small, and fast/slow.

Kids Dance


This is an introductory class in which students will learn the basics of both ballet and tap. Students will spend 30 minutes in ballet, working on proper alignment, barre exercises, and center floor work. For the last 15 minutes of class, students will learn how to make basic rhythm patterns and movements with their tap shoes, including a heel dig, toe dig, and shuffle.


Ballet is the foundation of all dance styles and is vital to the development of a dancer. Students will focus on proper body alignment and positions, barre exercises, and center floor work. Advanced dancers will work on perfecting more intricate ballet moves as well as adding speed and complexity into their routines.


Jazz dance is an upbeat class in which students will leave with enhanced motor skills, the ability to count to music, and the ability to put movement sequences together in a coordinated, fast-paced routine.


This is a highly rhythmic form of dance. In all levels of tap, emphasis is placed on the development of rhythmic intricacy and speed.

Hip Hop

This is an introductory class where the fundamentals of hip hop movement will be taught. After warming up with isolations and stretching, using popular music, the class will then move across the floor to work on rhythm, upper body strength, and funky footwork.