Teen Dance Classes




Students will focus on perfecting more intricate ballet moves as well as adding speed and complexity into their routines. If given approval by teacher, students will also be introduced to pointe work. Previous experience is needed to enroll in this class.


This is a fast-paced class, concentrating on technically advanced routines as well as modern technique and creative expression. Students will explore all jazz styles including Luigi, theater, and contemporary jazz. Previous dance experience is needed to enroll in this class.


In all levels of tap, emphasis is placed on the development of rhythmic intricacy and speed. Students will learn more complicated foot moves and rhythms as well as more intricate tap combinations. Previous experience is needed to enroll in this class.

Hip Hop

This is an introductory class where the fundamentals of hip hop movement will be taught. After warming up with isolations and stretching, using popular music, the class will then move across the floor to work on rhythm, upper body strength, and funky footwork.


Lyrical dance is a form of expressive ballet with jazz influence. Students will learn to emote through their movement in order to convey a message to the audience. Classes in lyrical jazz are for students with a strong background in ballet and jazz.


This is ballet performed with hard, shank toe shoes, called pointe shoes. A student must enroll in two evenings of ballet as well as have teacher permission in order to take pointe class.